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Netcat with meterpreter


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I am currently doing an online pentest lab/course. The instructions say to use netcat to receive the meterpreter shell. When I try netcat if I get anything at all it is usually come woerd symbles and then the connection and listener are dropped. When I run metasploit listener I have never got anything back. So my question is can netcat receive a meterpreter shell amd I am doing something wrong or can netcat not interpret what it is receiving which is why my connection is closed?

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I never tried. But if your instructed to do so. I would assume it works fine.

I have netcat on all my machines, first learn netcat basics. Try and have 2 machines connect and communicate. Send files threw the pipe. Maybe try a quick webserver... LEARN THE BASICS...

follow all the tutorials you can find with netcat. Would be worth writing a tutorial and make it sticky...

If 2 machines can connect with netcat, then so will meterpreter , always test your connection s with netcat first to know for sure there is nothing blocking the connection.

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I have a pretty good understanding of netcat. Unfortunately since it is a lab andI have not rooted the machine yet I cant run netcat to test my connection. Supposedly based on the writeup the machine clicks links that are emailed to it. So I should be able to send it a java applet with a meterpreter shell in it and the machine will connect back to me by clicking my hosted java certificate.

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Try some of those client side attacks, smb Windows file share exploits... try sending a pdf attachment or mp3

Internet explorer I would guess. Grab the user-agent of the machine. ..

How can I unroll into this class... my Brian is automating the email exploit process...

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