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stumped on pineapple V


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just finished moving and found the Pineapple V that I have never used. SO I came here to get started and a little worried that mine is now obsolete???

I have it:

hooked to the web

updated to firmware 2.4.0

set up an external USB drive ( ext4) /dev/sdb1 to hold my logging data

SO I was hoping to get into this pentesting world now I have settled in BUT I have no clue how to start. I looked at all the forums and they all seem to be addressing the new machines not my old one.

1 so is my machine obsolete already ?

2 If I want to start logging traffic around me is there a video I can watch that will get me started with MK5 karma logging so I can use wireshark to experiment?

ANY help would be appreciated.


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