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USB-Y was working then stopped. Y-USB no work? Get it? Lol

Kapu Lanai

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I wanted to get my pineapple to use my laptops Internet connection and followed the instructions. It was tricky to get working but I set the default, as subnet and for dns. It worked.

For 10 minutes.

Then by some miraculous calamity, stopped passing the Internet to my pineapple in the middle of downloading occupineapple.

To this moment my pineapple still won't get Internet from my laptop even with the settings that worked for 10 minutes. Mind you I changed nothing.

Anyone else have this problem?

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start @ 1:20

you post that you pinned and thats right

then you mentioned using google for your DNS (something that was not mentioned in the instructions)

still.... start that vid @ 1:20 and follow along

I'm sorry if this makes you mad that I posted this.... but my heart is telling me that no one has helped you because you mentioned that you had followed all of the instructions

Windows 10 is a pain in the ass.... I got a bit confused when I set it up....

Want my best advice? grab Linux, shrink your partition in Windows - then set up dual booting

in Linux, you just have to type ./wp6.sh

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