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I could really use some quick help here. I have openvpn setup on my home server computer. The connection is forwarded from the router to the server and the connection is made just fine. However I would like to be able to access some of my other computers on my home network. When I attempt to connect to my ssh server it am given no route to host. I have included some of my settings below.

The VPN Server is set to listen on all interfaces.

VPN Mode is layer 3.

VPN Network address is

Should VPN Clients have access to private subnets? Yes, using NAT. Private subnets to which all clients should be given access

Should clients be able to communicate with each other on the VPN IP Network? Yes

Under user permissions and my username - Allow user access to these networks:

Authentication - Local

I download the client autologin client.ovpn file. Connect to my VPN however when I attempt to ssh to my SSH server it immediately gives me failed error on my iphone which I presume is no route to host. Since this is my iphone I can not run the route command and see if the 192.168 subnet is seen. Can someone please help me figure out what is wrong with my setup so I don't have to forward ssh traffic on my router but can instead connect on my vpn then to my ssh server. Thanks greatly.

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