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AC Power to nano? Iphone charger on a Nano


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The WiFi Pineapple NANO requires around 7.5W of power (5V 1.5A).

If your AC charger gives out at least 1A, you should be fine, but under heavy load you might need the extra .5A.

Powering it with anything over is fine too, as long as you do not exeed 5V.

Best Regards,


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thanksv Seb!!

PLEASE NOTE, that the old iphone charger (the big one) is 5.1v 2.1 amps too much for the nano.

However the small charger is 5v 1amp. Has anyone tried this out. I don´t want to fry my nano? :)


Honestly, 5.1V should be within the normal limits. That's how much my current desktop outputs..

Saying that, officially the word is 5V, so if someone else reads this and fry's their NANO, it's on them.

Giving more Amps won't hurt though, because Amperage is drawn, not "pushed". The WiFi Pineapple NANO will never draw more power than it needs.

Best Regards,


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Great thread folks,

I just tried the small iphone power adapter and it worked fine.

My HTC one m9 is also 5v 1.5amp.

Bottom line guys, One size doesn't fit all, read your chargers specs. Let's not fry these Nanos.

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Thanks Seb!

This is much more convenient, at least for me.

While booting however i did run into a problem. the blinking light turned a lighter color and therefore didn´t boot.

I think this is what you were referring to. The boot might require some extra juice.

I tried booting a 2nd time and it worked.

The ideal amps then would be (like Seb mentioned) 1.5.

Now i´m going to look for a another power adapter.

many thanks guys

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