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Creating one's own VPN


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Little background on me:

I live in Japan, but I will be leaving at the end of this year. My children are bilingual and would love for them to be able to continue to watch Japanese shows, but because of a service that is now blocking VPNs (That service cant tell if one is using a VPN, so they are blocking known IPs from VPN providers from what I have read.) I was thinking that if I setup a VPN server from a server provider that I could by pass the issue.

My question is how minimum of specs can I use on the server that won't cause an issue with a streaming service going through it? I wouldn't think that I need more than 512Mb of ram 1 cpu and 1 TB of data transfer (According to Netflix 7GB is there ultra high hd at one hour).


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It's a conduit that only adds a level of encryption (and you could even install a password-protected proxy or something to prevent the encrypting too). The device description sounds more than adequate.

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