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BES server, PGP server, I am getting overcharged


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The technician I have is from a far-east country, and I'm afraid he thinks that I'm stupid:

If anyone can please supply me with online documentation or video tutorials on how to maintain these servers and networks.

Thanks, waiting for answer. A bit tipsy atm so please dont mind the bad spelling!

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I don't get it...

You paid for a server which, I would assume, included a service contract. If it did, you know what the seller expects your maintenance costs to be. If it didn't, you probably had to install the software yourself which should've given you some idea of what the effort involved is. If you think your technician is overcharging you, time the prick and keep an eye on him to ensure he's doing what he's supposed to be doing. If neither you nor anybody you trust knows how to manage these servers, you either shouldn't be relying on them, or have a service contract in place.

I might be missing a whole stack of facts specific to your situation, but then your question is fairly terse...

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