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  1. The technician I have is from a far-east country, and I'm afraid he thinks that I'm stupid: If anyone can please supply me with online documentation or video tutorials on how to maintain these servers and networks. Thanks, waiting for answer. A bit tipsy atm so please dont mind the bad spelling!
  2. It's not the channels, it doesn't show on any of them. Gonna try changing region!
  3. When I first bought the MKV about a year ago it found my network just fine and connected to it, but now it doesn't show it in the list of networks when I want to connect to it. My phone and other devices connect just fine to my wifi. Halp plz
  4. Thanks for all answers, sometimes I don't get any answers and sometimes I get plenty. Regards, Mike
  5. Nice! Can't wait. Haven't taken my ultra bundle off since I got it about 1 week ago. I eat sleep shit with this thing. wait....that can't be good? or can it?
  6. With the battery fully charged. The largest one available that comes with the ultra bundle
  7. How is the USB adapter put to use? I am trying to deauth some network with wlan2(the usb wifi adapter) that is inserted in the pineapple. I added my networks to whitelist and the ones I want to deauth to blacklist but it just rebooted. And before that It bricked when just inserting it. So what's the usage for the small USB wifi adapter and what can I use the large antenna for that I got with the Ultra bundle?
  8. 1.I'm trying to use sslstrip and sslsplit, SSLstrip functions SOMETIMES and autostops itself after a while. SSLSPLIT actually works alot better for me and show me some connection data and does what it's supposed to do, BUT it shuts off after a while. I think, correct me if I'm wrong, that this depends on the log files being too large for the internal memory. How can I make sure the log files are stored in the SD section? 2. Why is these infusions like this? do they stop after running for a while for you to? 3. I am trying to use the guide that Chris Haralsson is providing to create my own SSH server with ubuntu, I am not successful on using a wireless adapter with the tutorial. Why would I be recommended to use a wireless adapter for it? Can I just skip the steps of getting an internet connection if lets say I have a computer im not using and it has a static ip adress? Thanks, I will probably have more questions soon. Regards, Mike Edit: After running for a few minutes both of the infusions stop my internet connection on the WIPI. Can't go to any page, not even http
  9. Alot of interesting answers and thoughts. How would I go about when installing the MITMf? Thanks
  10. I see, is there other methods I should be aware of that are more modern? What infusions do you think are a must-have?
  11. Darren says in the video with SSLstrip that it's just to turn it on and it should do the magic. How and what criterias must be met for it to work on a network? I've tried it and it doesn't give me anything. Cheers
  12. HI, I am sorry for posting in the wrong section. How do you mean if I'm connected over 1 radio? Both antennas are in, when I factory reset this and upgrade again it's not giving me a red light, but after I install some infusions and it lags and I got to refresh browser or power off and on the Wi-Pi and then it gets the red light. Best regards, Mike
  13. everything is plugged in and working, infusions and all. I'm just wondering why the red light is on? Red blue and green. not like in the title. sorry if I confused you guys. What is it trying to tell me? Thanks, best regards, Mike
  14. Allright I'll try figuring that out when I get it. I'll write here when it arrives muhaha
  15. I ordered the ultra bundle, I can't wait to receive it. I am wondering one thing, is it possible to execute/transfer files remotely with the help of this or some infusion? Just trying to start somewhere! :) Thanks and Hi!
  16. Hi I got the error MBR-helper missing when trying to load my E2B USB stick on http://speedy.sh/3yT4z/system.txt http://speedy.sh/DBs9u/systemet.nfo this system. It's a very old one. I think it's a IDE harddrive and correct me if im wrong I have to do something with converting the .iso to .imgPTN and putting them in correct folder? Or is it that the BIOS is different than Legacy? http://pastebin.com/YbJLdy68 Thats the system, if you need something else tell me. @SteveSi if you could point me in the right direction please.
  17. it boots back to easy2boot menu instead of going into windows 7 after running konboot. otherwise it works perfect on windows xp, havent tried windows 8 yet @cooper you always help me out, feel like doing it now also? =) Edit: you can delete this post, I solved it . It boots back to easy2boot menu, you gotta select and press boot to first HDD :).
  18. How do I get Kon-boot latest version to boot into windows after execute konboot? it goes back to Easy2Boot menu.
  19. hey @cooper, should I make an NTFS or fat32 multiusb? depends if i want to run larger programs or what?
  20. @cooper I wish I had your brain.
  21. @cooper 1. Okay, well I managed to D/L it and it makes a usb stick bootable with the KKD multitool. I had another computer that had an issue with something called MBR. Whatever I did and tried to do, to gain access to windows or windows auto repair was in vain. Then I found KKD and repaired the MBR with one of the tools and it booted nicely, then I sold it, profit. It's like easy2boot but more advanced(i dont know) I think. 2. Ok :p. 3. Lets say the harddrive crashed, we want to clone the files to another new harddrive that I've instructed the customer to buy, and install an OS on the new HDD.. would that be a safer and do-able option? al I love you.
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