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Looking for someone who would Skype with me


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This is probably a long shot but, looking for someone who would be willing to Skype with me for half hour or so just to get some questions answered, a little bit of setup and configure help and just overall help here and there. If you're willing to please let me know or add me on Skype :::: Xcureanddiseas3

Thanks again for everyone's help.

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Which Lynda videos were you looking at out of curiosity.

There are lots! Some are shorter videos like the one that explains SSH. Bash scripting. Operating systems. Rasberry Pi. Programming. Basically anything to do with computers. Nothing about hacking. But after these videos I can focus on using the pineapple, kali with a solid foundation. There is a 10 day free trial. $400US/year.

You can find all this stuff on youtube with super cool background music being taught by someone who 'might' know what they are doing. What sold me is how well the vidoes are done. I don't want to search youtube all day.

You get what you pay for.

I don't know if this is worth it for you. I'm a pipe fitter by trade. As I progress into the administrative side of my industry, the Excel and Word videos are good as well. I make a living hitting things with a hammer when it dosent work right. I might need another Pineapple soon.

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