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Setting up Yard Stick one


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Hi everyone.

I am new to RF devices and sofwares and currently have problems setting up Yardstick One on Ubuntu on a virtual machine. My main OS is Windows 10 and I have ubuntu 16.04 installed on a virtual machine. I installed rfcat and dependencies as per hak5 1908, but when I try to sudo rfcat -r, it cannot recognise the dongle is plugged. On the vm, I have setup the USB 2.0 controller to allow usb device pass though, but still ubuntu / rfcat cannot find the YS1.

My question is, has anyone managed to access YS1 via virtual machine, if so, did you do anything extra (e.g. any filters on usb-controller)? should I use rfcat root access or non-root access? 


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I have the same problem did you ever figure it out.

I use windows 10 and ubuntu. No virtual machine. When I type in sudo rfcat -r , I get the same message ..error in resetup() exception....

I installed drivers for YS1 in ZADIG and installed the drivers but there was a red x in the wcid box. I guess it means it is not compatable. Any suggestions ? Known fixes ?

Thank you.



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