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  1. Hey everyone, I have been trying to set up Pineapple using Kali Liniux. However, when I tried to ssh using putty, kali is not recognizing port 22 and timed out. I have been looking at the forums for this issue and followed some of the solutions. But still kali is not able to connect to Pineapple. Any idea what could be causing the issue? Thanks
  2. Hey everyone, I came across this link -- But some of the links are broken. I am trying to use BlueNMEA to capture the GPS coordinate of any probe request coming from either an android phone or tablet. At the same time, I want to keep using wifi pineapple. Thanks for any guide provided.
  3. Smarty, Thanks for the response. But if I want to capture all the GPS coordinates from the different probe request coming from different devices, how can I do that. I have been looking into BlueNMEA. Any idea how to connect the two?
  4. Hey everyone, I want to capture rssi and mac addresses using tcpdump, wireshark, and wifi pineapple. I am able to use wifi pineapple to capture packets running tcpdump, and then opening those packets in wireshark. However, the data I am getting does not contain rssi. I have been reading about it to find a command that would allow me to do that, but I have come up empty. Any insight how to get a clean data containing mac addresses and rssi is appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hello everyone, I am trying to capture probe requests for example cell phones. I am using Wifi Pineapple Karma, but I will like to export all the packets captured (MAC addresses) to wireshark for further analysis. I watched this tutorial - https://www.hak5.org/episodes/hak5-1717. But it uses tcdump sending the packets to wireshark. Is there a way not to use tcpdump and export the data directly to wireshark. In addition, I have been going over the forum trying to find how to get the GPS coordinates of the different captured devices using a phone running a GPS app, but so far, I haven't found any information. Thank you in advance for any tip/input about these issues.
  6. Sorry for the late responce. I stopped working on this project, but I am back at it again. When I run the rfcat having the YS1 plug to a laptop, I don't get any problems as far as the laptop recognizing the YS1. However, when I connect the YS1 to the PI, the Pi doesn't recognized that the YS1 is plug into it. If I disconnect the YS1 from the Pi as I run rfcat, the Pi does ask me to connect the dongle. But when I connect the dongle(YS1) to the Pi, an error message comes up saying that it not like compatible with the Pi. Thanks
  7. Hello everyone, YS1 does not give me any problems when I plugged it to my laptop on VMware workstation. However, I made the setup for Raspbian on Raspberry Pi 2. The Pi is connected to a hotspot (Android) and is accessed it remotely using SSH. When I ran rfcat -r, I am getting the following error -- Error in resetup(): USBError('error sending control message : Operation not permitted',) I also tried connecting the Pi to LAN using Ethernet cable, but the same error message kept showing up. Using lsusb command , the YS1 does show up on the list of devices as connected. I am wondering if the YS1 can't be used on the Pi. Maybe, the speed of the Pi is not enough or interfering with the wifi dongle connected to the Pi or any other issue. Any suggestion is appreciated about this issue. Thanks
  8. Hey everyone, I am working on a project using YS1 to receive(record) and transmit(replay) captured signals(like door bell for example) using for example a ground vehicle or a drone. So far, I have not come across how to record and then transmit using YS1. Also, if it is not possible to do so from the air, can an SDR dongle captured the signal and send it to a laptop in real time to analyze data and replay it using YS1 and rfcat. Any recommendation about these two issues is appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Hello everyone, I am trying to set up the Yard Stick One. I am following this link-- https://bitbucket.org/atlas0fd00m/rfcat--to have rfcat running on the Yard Stick. But I am getting errors messages as I typed the commands. I am using Oracle VM VirtualBox and Ubuntu. Any help provided is appreciated. Thanks
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