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SDR vs Linux HOST PC .What Is The Best USB Port Driver?


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i am a newbie in all of this..

I have a project that contain a Software Defined Radio in one side and a HOST PC from the other side . which require the communication between them via the USB PORT for Testing and results from other programs in the host PC ' Linux OS ' for example the GNURadio basic tests. The project uses system on chip inside the HPS part also the communication is from the HPS USB port to the HOST. i have found the following topics and I am looking around them for a way to make this one work {UMTRX , USRP , UHD Driver} but till now i could not found a clear answer yet.

What is the best USB port driver to use, for communicate between the SDR and the HOST PC via a USB port ?

if you can advice or guide me for the right track it will help me a lot & I will appreciate it .


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You're describing it a bit weird, so I'm just going to rephrase it and you tell me where I get it wrong.

There's an SDR and you want to make it do stuff. To enable this, you connect it, via USB, to a machine that runs Linux. You're now wondering about drivers for this setup.

The USB support in Linux is basically the built in support for the chipset that's available on the machine. There's quite literally 0 variation here.

On top of this you need support, in Linux, to drive the SDR. So pick the appropriate SDR and you now know what driver to use. The device dictates the driver you may (might? It might just work out of the box without a special driver) need.

Your remaining problem is the program that drives the SDR. You need to write/configure/whatever it to make it do what you need it do. This is potentially limited by the SDR you choose, so start there.

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thanks cooper

It is not that much weird :happy:

let me rephrase my Question and make it as simple as i can.

If you have an SDR and it contains a USB port. what driver would you choose for the port?

let me start from here and trying the first driver and try to till why it's right or not. just the one's thats you know at the beginning.

thanks a gain

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I think the confusion maybe coming in as to what you mean by "you have an SDR", at least for me it's confusing.

Do you have a RTL-SDR, HackRF, BladeRF, USPR (the most common ones), or have you built your own custom SDR hardware?

If it's the custom built option, can you provide some more details about what you built, like chipsets it's using or what not?

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Exactly :) the hardware team already designed our own SDR and now we are working on a lab model, sorry for not clearing that.

Our SDR will be close to the UmTRX SDR, but it uses LMS7002 as the Radio Front End, and Altera System on Chip (SoC) as the Baseband processor.

Now we want the host PC (which runs GNURadio) to see our SDR as a USB source, so I think we need some sort of USB drivers to be installed in the Host PC and the SoC as well, in order to establish the communication via USB.

I hope that I didn't make it weirder :P

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I was under the assumption that by now there would be something of a generic USB SDR device driver.

I'm guessing you're asking here about this sort of thing with the assumption "Here are hackers who know how to interface with devices like the one we're making" but I'd say most people here operate at the application level. My suggestion to you would be to find a gnu radio forum like this one and see if they may have something sensible to say.

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