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What device are you using the NANO with?


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Leave it to WifiPineapple Nano to kick off 180 USB adapters. ;) might have to get me another one ;)

Compared to my Mark Vs this thing is much better, all be it I'm a little later to the game, so thanks for working out most of the bugs for me.

Samsung Galaxy S5 - not rooted

Nexus 7 Asus Pwnpad

Used the connector app, (first time was a cable issue, switched to the official cable for my S5 and no issues) Make sure the USB cable you are using is a data cable and not just a plain charging cable. I am finding most of my USB cables are not data cables lately.

I do not have the developer option enabled on the S5, but I believe it is enabled on the Nexus 7, just have not tried tethering with it yet.

Also found that it works fine with my Asus Chromebook, although I don't share my internet connection just connect via the USB Ethernet.

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