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  1. @aprilwright @CypherCon ghostbusters on the c64?

  2. just picked a 8gb kingston data traveler locker+ g3 everything i have tried so far, to get around the encryption ha… https://t.co/mZHTzfQtkg

  3. RT @d4rkm4tter: Saving lives through medication tracking on blockchain #polycon18 #ITAMD Please RT/like :)

  4. hi guys, i recently updated the nano firmware 2.0. ? the latest 1 at christmas 2017, now i am unable to connect to the management ap when using the nano stand alone(without plugging a device into it) , i can connect with cable to my phone, everything runs good. anyone got any ideas?
  5. @BanjoCrashland have you seen the sweatcoin app? i dont know anything about it, just seen a story a few days ago

  6. @KimDotcom there have been quite a few though, bush,clinton,obama, but no1 likes @realDonaldTrump and make it soun… https://t.co/XRGPl0f643

  7. @CySecIW @HackRead It's this crap that gives us all a bad name!! That is not a "hacker" that is a cyber criminal.

  8. @d4rkm4tter Gutted, could you fix it or have to get a new drive?

  9. @misc0110 @Hakin9 @mlqxyz @lavados @StefanMangard @yuvalyarom @Snowden ? I'd just seen it 1st from snowden.

  10. The Sun: Argos hikes sales prices as ‘clearance’ items 75% more than they cost months ago. https://t.co/sGqHek9zur

  11. @nomdakure @rapid7 And the very next day,i couldn't get in.

  12. RT @_odisseus: Need to find a talk given in one recent (or less recent) Hacking Conference? Go to https://t.co/RmsaXrr1yl and find your tal…

  13. @LOL_Surprises Real ones don't have a screw in the back https://t.co/WBbIihZFgy

  14. @d4rkm4tter It was on sale and didn't sell. Shop puts it back up to full price..as long as it's on the shop floor a… https://t.co/iQ5hAHEftP

  15. @Da_Phat_Monkey @ScanComputers I have never had a problem IV been buying from scan for years

  16. A bit more cable tidying and put the other 2 cards in tomorrow. Then it's benchmarking https://t.co/EoFzPUKp4h

  17. Thanks @ScanComputers got the last bits I needed to start building a little monster. https://t.co/H5Y74C36w1

  18. @havochaos @theroxyd @Cuff_S Some of us can't get out to get professional help.The doc gives tabs that make me feel… https://t.co/dQdETamST4

  19. @james2012leaver easy https://t.co/2eQaQd5wH6

  20. @kpoulsen @a_greenberg I will rephrase that as to not cause offence... You guys are wrong! Hackers is the best hacker movie of all time.

  21. https://t.co/DzUbyKKaep

  22. 6 pin euro cylinder that used to be in my front door. Easy. https://t.co/g93qSg6jVq

  23. @jaypullen Yeh it's sick that

  24. @daraobriain you should do mario cart on the super nintendo, on your show,best game ever! 2 player battle awsome.

  25. @HillaryClinton dragged unresponsive into the car, @billclinton taking over her campaign, @ the doctor who wrote the letter #bullshit

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