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how illegal is it to download movies form like google video or a flash based website and is there a free program to encode the flv to avi or mpeg

1 i think not (exept for pay for content) ppl lost their ownership once they uploaded it (EULA of those kind of video site)

2 a few out there , use google , but the quality will be shit ... when downloading from google grab the divx instead , they're encoded in open divx and wont standard play with most media players or standalone players ... so use vlc or get the right codec , also u can much easyer recode it to divx / xvid ...

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DLSS, you damn n00b ^^

Reguarldess of weather it was uploaded or not it's still copyrighted. By uploading the video the copyright owner gives the users of the site permission to watch it not download it and make copies of it. It's even worse if the user that uploaded it is not the copyright owner, because then you are actually braking the law simply by watch it.

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NICE AVATAR DLSS ahhahahahahhaha he has to wait for his boner to go down until he can get back up...classic

Ha ha.. ha... no.

I hate copyrights, they are so complex and are constantly modified so a few people can make more money. Never the less, play for your material, or even better, listen/view things with a Creative commons license, or use software released under a GNU license.

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