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Mitm workflow


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Could someone please explain their workflow as to how they would create a rogue AP with the pinapple nano and an android phone?

I have two android phones and would basically like to deauth my victim phone from my home network and have it connect a fake access point.

So far I have managed to scan the network, find my phone, deauth it (this works very well), but after a few seconds it connects back to the same network I disconnected it from.

In Pineap I have ticked :

-Allow associations

-Log associations

-Beacon response

The source mac is the nano's Mac adress and the target is the victim phone's Mac adress.

How can I make it connect to the fake ap? I know I'm missing a step somewhere but can't figure it out.

I would be very grateful if someone could point me to the right direction.

Thank you

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Well, it sounds like all you are doing is deauthenticating the client and allowing it to connect back to the network it was searching for.

You need to ensure the client connects to a known (i.e. saved in the configuration of the client) open network.

Here you have 2 choices: if you know the saved network, input it manually in the SSID Pool in PineAP (on the right).


Enable Capture SSIDs to Pool so that the Pineapple captures any SSIDs any clients ask for.

As you already have done, you need to ensure the "Beacon response" option is checked.

Then you can proceed to deauth the client and allow it to connect to your rogue network (i.e. the pineapple). I've just tested it and it works.


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If you click all the boxes and run the pineAP im pretty sure if they have wifi turned on but not connected still because of the beacon responses going out and coming in there phone will connect to you still even if there AP from home is 1000miles away. Unless they have it set to not save Wifi logins then it wont auto connect to your nano.

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