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  1. I did try to access it via the UART port before posting... But I did revisit that since... Everything behaves exactly like I described above. Lights go off after ~10 seconds. If I press and hold the reset button, the lights will stay on; exactly as described above. Tested this while powering the device using the power brick as well as through the provided Y-USB cable; no difference. The device does not get enumerated/recognized in /dev/anything. Does that mean its dead-dead?
  2. Hey guys, So I've had this Tetra from day one and it's always been rock solid. A few days ago, it simply stopped working. It was on the latest firmware, and I was not upgrading the firmware at the time. I was not installing or upgrading anything. The last time it worked I was ssh'd in using airodump-ng. The next time I plugged it in (with the factory power adapter, as always) it wouldn't boot up. The yellow light would come on dimly, and each of the other lights lit up more dimly than the one before it (really strange). Then after about 10 seconds, all lights turn completely off. I tried holding the reset button down as I plugged it in thinking that I could just reflash the firmware. When I do that, the lights will display as I described before, but they will stay on indefinitely. However, all attempts to access it (ssh and browser) fail, so I can't attempt a firmware flash that way. Is there anything else I can try to troubleshoot it? Have I somehow completely bricked it? Thanks for the help.
  3. I sure do! I'll PM it to you.
  4. Hey, everyone! I recently joined the Keybase.io Alpha test. Hak5 has done 2 shows highlighting them so far. Social Encryption with Keybase.io, Hak5 1715 Easy File Encryption with Keybase - Hak5 1904 They also recently launched their own encrypted filesystem. Anyway, I have a handful of invites available and I wanted to share them here before anywhere else. Its one small way I can give back to a community who has taught me so much! Reply here and I'll PM you an invite.
  5. I'm having the same trouble. Have you tried other browsers? I'm about to do some troubleshooting myself.
  6. Ditto for me. Only 1A on the AC adapter.
  7. What is your victim phone? (Make and Model) What is the distance between your victim and the legit AP vs Pineapple AP?
  8. Once you login to the web interface, check to make sure you have internet connection sharing enabled. Go under the Advanced tab and click Check for Update.
  9. +1! +2! Awesome style! I'd be interested in adding a theme or two to the module!
  10. Probably 5 or 10 total posts. :D I'm in the same boat. That aside... Thanks Darren et all for all the work and making hard decisions in order to bring only the highest quality product to market. I can't wait for mine to come in!
  11. I had the same issue. PineAP daemon was still showing as a checkbox after the update. I think a force refresh fixed it, but I'm not totally sure. ( ctr + F5 )
  12. Great job Hak5 team! I like the new firmware!
  13. Woohoo!!! Booting up my Pineapple now to update!
  14. Ordered mine yesterday. I'm so excited to finally be supporting you guys and the work that you do! Hak5 is great!
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