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rubber ducky macro repeated mouse click press simulation


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I'm tired of repeatedly clicking the mouse to refresh an application at work.

For legit use at work where I can't install a software macro or any other program but can plug in a rubber ducky, is it possible to use a rubber ducky to repeatedly click a right mouse key once every 5 seconds or so to refresh an application while it waits for an application event, and to quickly stop the simulated mouse clicks manually when I see the application screen change?

Can I use the macro language for the rubber ducky or rubber ducky deluxe to do this?

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I don't have a rubber ducky but from my understanding this should be possible. You can pick between yanking out the ducky when you want it to stop, or you need to have your application turn on caps-lock which should be detectable for the ducky allowing for a clean break of the loop.

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As far as I know(I have an older ducky though) it only simulates keystrokes, not mouse movement(althoiugh I think you can move windows around the screen using keystrokes alone), but if you can figure out the alt tab shift to button commands, then yes, you can string it together to do it for you, but you're going to have to either create a delay between window clicks for each sequence and how many times it needs to be done(as far as I know, you can't loop) or, press the button on the ducky each time you need it to run. Might be easier to find a software based solution in this instance since it would probably be easier with a macro. There are probably portable executables out there that can create macros from I would think. If you cna put a USB in, use a thumb drive with the macro software on the USB stick to run from and do what you want.


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