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Pearl Jam Single Out


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These guys were with Arista Records, then Elektra, then they got screwed over in a record company takeover, so now they beg us to steal their music.

I enjoyed their albums Loser Friendly and Revive so much I sent them some money, and they're on high rotation on my iPod.

They make their money from some music they contributed to some tv shows and their portrayal on American Dreams, as well as live performances. Giving away music gets your name out there.

When will the old men in suits learn this? *sigh*

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(Legal) download of the new song Find Your Way by The Cum Experience.

These guys make great music, and there's a very real possibility *NONE* of your friends have even heard of these folks. Beats the socks off of any whiny Pearl Jam tune. :)

cum experience? well the double bass tis good

sounds ok :P

got ne melodic death metal? :P

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got ne melodic death metal?


Another dutch band. Pretty good stuff if you ask me. Sounds a bit like Chimaira. Not sure if that qualifies as Melodic Death though. I really suck at assigning such labels (or even remembering what falls under it). Usually 'cool' and 'crap' are the only labels I need. :)

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im gonna put the mic in my mouth and gargle ..
lol that was a good laugh

This is a tight song... pearl jam huh? Are they new? Sounds like they have something going for them :P

Most of my time at work I’m rocking out to the greatest hits from them. Pearl jam rocks.

I used to listen to my brother cover them back in the day when I was like 10.

But hey Jon my brother is recording a new cd when they export a copy ill let you check it out. ya might like it

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