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DNS Server


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You need 2 things:

- Get any connecting client to use your DNS server. You can provide its location in the dhcp config.

- Set up this DNS server. Read up on any Bind tutorial.

Holler when you get lost.

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What you should do is read up on the dhcpd program, which is your DHCP server (or daemon, in UNIX speak, hence the d at the end). When a client connects to the network it asks the DHCP server for its IP address, but in this process it also gets information about things like routing as well as DNS. Your DHCP server might provide the DNS server it uses itself for this, but far more common is that you specify the IP of the DNS server(s) in the config file for this daemon. Where this file is on your system (probably somewhere under /etc) and which setting(s) you'll need to change to achieve this is something you'll have to figure out yourself but a combination of reading the man page on dhcpd and nice helping of Google should be all you need.

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