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OK I just got my ducky and was trying to write my first script but maybe I am too dense to figure this simple scripting language. But here is the script I wrote (I know it is simple but I was just starting)

STRING cmd.exe

Basically trying to open a cmd window as Administrator (BTW this is a Win10 machine). I encode the script using encoder.jar copy it to the microSD card insert card into ducky plug ducky onto computer and nothing happens. Actually something happens, but not what I was expecting I had a command line open (where I ran encode.jar) and on that screen I saw that the ducky actually typed ecmd.exe where the hell did the e come from and why didn't GUI simulate the Windows key like it is supposed to do? I even tried using 'CONTROL ESCAPE' instead of 'GUI' and this time instead of opening a command windows I got calculator to start. Any ideas on what may be wrong with this? TIA

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I'd suggest an initial delay of at least 2 seconds, and (at least while testing) increase your delay between ALL actions you run. 100ms may not be enough for the start menu to open up and permit entry.

Mr-Protocol brings up a good point too: using the run box is likely better than the start menu, as you don't have to deal with unreliable GUIs. You can start CMD as an administrator automatically through the run box by using powershell.

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Thanks both for the pointers. Will give this another shot. Also is there any way that I can have files on the microSD card that I can copy onto the computer and execute? I know I can download them from a www/ftp/etc server, but was wondering if I can just have them in the SD card.

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