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  1. Just made me wonder why most wifi boosters are around this price range, yet there's an 800mW one for $50 available in the hakshop (sold out).
  2. The pineapple runs very warm, this is normal. I can't remember the exact figures, but even when it's "hot", Darren assured me that it's still well within its operating temperature range and safe to use without active cooling.
  3. It'd be the APN settings. Fairly common for providers of unlimited data plans to block tethering.
  4. Which antenna (close to USB male end or female end) would the booster work better on?
  5. They're likely already connected to a wifi spot. Phones don't tend to search out for previous connections unless the one they're on is really bad or they're just not connected. You can deauth clients on nearby networks and then they'll try to connect to you instead.
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