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  1. They moved from google code over to github like...2 years ago? https://github.com/hak5darren/USB-Rubber-Ducky/
  2. This was a pretty hot topic a while back (pardon the pun). Seems that the general consensus was that it's normal and completely OK for it to be quite warm, and that passive cooling already in place should be more than sufficient to keep it at safe temperatures.
  3. No. The ducky starts to run as soon as it's plugged in, the only problem is that the computer won't respond to the keystrokes until after the driver has loaded. You will need a delay otherwise it'll start part way through. I'm not sure that the destination will function correctly. Variables in powershell are like $this and I don't think the web request will download the file to the correct location. You'll have to use $env:appdata instead.
  4. 1. Don't change the format of the SD card. It should come standard as FAT32 (I believe) so leave it as that. 2. There's no way to force powershell to stay active, as you've set the windowstyle to hidden. 3. No idea about any special drivers. 4. Stay with GUI r as you are already using. 5. I use the encoder from the rubber ducky github. 6. Depends on the destination computer. 30s is a very long time. For me it's generally done in under 10s. 7. That just renames the file, it doesn't "convert" it. Using a different extension like .old may fool some AVs, but don't rely on that. 8. No, it won't need Java when it is running as a keyboard.
  5. That all depends on the restrictions in place. What is important to think of is this: anything YOU can do with a keyboard, the ducky can do as well. If you can't open up the command prompt, neither can the ducky. If the registry editor is blocked for you, so it is for the ducky.
  6. Powershell is a more powerful shell (hence the name) so you can basically do everything in it as in CMD, though sometimes requiring a different way.
  7. Is powershell disabled by the policy as well? Some people overlook that.
  8. Thank you for including your answer after you found your solution. Now anyone with the same issue will see your post and know how to solve it themselves. It always bothers me when people just say "Nevermind, I fixed it" without explaining their solution.
  9. You're complaining after <1 hour from your original post? Few people have patience If you actually looked at the info that was given with your ducky, you'd see you could go to USBRubberDucky.com, and from there find this page to download what you want. But hey, if you're a "computer idiot" and "will not use" the ducky, I'll take it off your hands.
  10. I think there might be a minimum number of posts required to edit your own posts (kinda weird, right?). The link to edit your post should be right underneath the post itself, next to the Multiquote button, though it's grayed out when you're not hovering over it.
  11. Well ASCII_9 is a literal tab, so the issue is probably the tab you clearly have there instead of a space. In addition, you're going to run into issues with line 13. Try running echo C:\%userprofile%\Desktop\ in cmd.exe and see what the output is.
  12. The point I was trying to make at the end there is that you should get admin immediately, then you can maintain it easily. Having physical access means that all security measures are basically pointless, all that matters is automating it. In this case, using the ducky to send ALT y while at a UAC prompt will accept it and continue.
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