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Issue with Kali


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Hi I'm new here but I promise to stay loyal.

I love trying new stuff and I admit I'm new to Kali's world

I have Kali 64bit installed in a VM

hooked up to Alfa USB antenna

I'm following this tutorial


And here's a screen shot of my setup.


then i start Kali and run iwconfig


and then when I try to Airmon-ng start wlan0

this is what happends.. I tried wlan1 aswell


I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.. my results is nothing like any tutorial
I found online even when I tried the "easy" Wifite it failed to crack any of the wifi routers it found..

could any of you help? I'll be more than thankful

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When it tells you you might want to kill a few processes in case things don't work, and they don't work, you might want to kill a few processes. Just a thought.

Another thing is that it literally says "monitor mode vif enabled for [phy0]wlan0 on [phy0]wlan0mon". Given that, why are you invoking airodump-ng on "mon0"?

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What it sounds like is not so much that you're a noob to Kali, but a noob to Linux, which would be bad because if so what you're doing is the equivalent of trying to fly an airplane before learning to walk.

The goal of running airmon-ng on your wireless interface is to replace it with a new interface specifically for the purpose of monitoring. This monitoring interface, just like your wireless interface, is a thing with a name, which gets reported by ifconfig. So what you should be doing is you start airmon-ng on your wireless interface, check with either ifconfig or iwconfig what name was assigned to the monitoring interface (or, you know, read the output of the airmon-ng start command because it says right there what the name it made for this has become) and take it from there.

And just to make clear, what you're currently doing is learning the aircrack-ng suite. What you're not doing is learning Kali. Learning how to start/stop a program is learning Kali (or more specifically, learning Linux) and you should be doing that before you learn to hack with it.

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Thanks alot for the big help you're a life saver =/

You should always run airmon-ng check kill

before you put your card into monitor mode to just figured I'd mention that.

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Zarabyte is right, try

airmon-ng check kill (this will kill all processes that are interfering with you setting your adapter into monitor mode. You can also use airmon-ng check to just run a check to see if there are any processes running that will interfere.)

airmon-ng start wlan0

Kali 2.0 lists the wireless adapter as wlan0mon as apposed to kali 1.0.9 would just say mon0.

And of course, if you ever need help with a command or how it works you can use the man page for it, which is a manual. Not all commands have them, but most do and they're super helpful. The syntax for using the man for a command like airmon-ng would be:

man airmon-ng

And if you want to save the man page for later usage or to print it out you can use cat to copy the output to a text file.

Example for airmon-ng:

man airmon-ng | cat > /root/Desktop/airmon-ng_man_page.txt

The above command will print the manual page for the airmon-ng using cat to a text file airmon-ng_man_page.txt to your desktop.

Hope this helps!

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And what you should be doing is figuring out (or better yet, knowing before hand) what service started that process, then issue

/etc/init.d/<service_name> stop

(adjust paths as appropriate for your distro)

This is what I mean with needing to first learn Linux itself. You can teach yourself to break into a safe using a thermal lance, but if you want to do it safely and reliably it kinda helps to know a bit a bout the nuts and bolts of the thermal lance, even when you're only interested in the effects of the hot tip.

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