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Electrical charges

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I'm not really good with electricity so I'm just gonna ask: is it safe to touch the rubber ducky without the casing? Not taking about my own safety but electrical charges that ones body may have can destroy sensitive equipment like RAM modules. How sensitive is the inside of a ducky?

When I wear my shoes in the house every time I touch a door handle I get sparkles :D

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Yes it is safe, I doubt the USB ports put out that much charge, touching with sopping wet hands might not be a good idea, but touching with bare skin, even if somewhat sweaty should be ok. I have touched my ducky while plugged in all the time, repeatedly since the red version came out. The older the duck gets however, the more the push button wears, so you may find yourself accidentally touching it as you plug it in inadvertently.

This being said however static electricity, and short circuiting are a concern sometimes. As a computer programmer/IT guy I don't often wear sweaters due to the ESD possibilities. Plus every car I ever touch seems to shock my fingers so bad that they go numb. Cold weather makes static electricity worse. While the duck is not plugged in you shouldn't have that much problems shocking it. You can always touch a computer case to ground yourself to it.

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