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Ncrack problems


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Hey everyone! New here! Hoping i can get some guidance.

I can't seem to get Ncrack to work for me. Im trying it, for the first time. The machine I'm trying to crack is one of my VM's. SSHd is running. The password to the ssh account is the very last password in 500.txt password file. Ive tried a bunch of variations of the command I'm issuing. Here's an example of the output i keep receiving. Any suggestions? Thanks!

pratorian$ ncrack -v -user root -P 500.txt
Starting Ncrack 0.4ALPHA ( http://ncrack.org ) at 2015-09-27 22:08 PDT

ssh:// finished.

Ncrack done: 1 service scanned in 108.11 seconds.
Probes sent: 159 | timed-out: 0 | prematurely-closed: 69

Ncrack finished.

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Its not as simple as installing a tool...

there are several default security mechanisms. its up to the attacker to figure out each red flag... before a real attack is launched, you must find ways around these red flags...

As Cooper said, if to many failed login attempts happen to quickly , then the service will not allow authentication even if the correct credentials are used... this will most likely prevent a single ip address from authenticating!

So, how many failed login attempts will trigger this flag? Maybe 5... you must probe the service in a way that will reveal this red flag so you can design a attack algorithm that will evade this security feature...

You can alternate threw a list of proxy's per each login attempt, this can be done with proxychains for example...

If you want to learn, I like to teach.

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