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Questions Before buying a Duck


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Hello Everybody! I introduce myself, I am new into the forum.

I am just going to order my ducky in the few days but I have some questions.

1. The only avaiable ducky model at now is the deluxe one?

2. What is Twin Ducky? A mod for a normal (or deluxe) ducky?

3. Where are the scripts stored, micro SD card? Can I store files into the same micro SD (Twin Ducky is something like that i believe)

5. How is the support for Spanish keyboards? Official? Is it nice?

4. What is ducky encoder? Is it like a firmware for our duckys? Can I update it´s firmware?

Thanks in advance everybody!

PD: Do you know any HakShop disscount code, don´t you? haha :P

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1) Yes.

2) https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/28162-firmware-introducing-twin-duck/ It's a type of firmware for the USB Rubber Ducky.

3) Everything is on the sd card. And while you can, it'd be better to have the files dumped to a storage usb key that you also connect up.

4) It's for writing your own scripts and encoding to the ducky. It's not a firmware. You can download new firmware and update the ducky.

5) https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/25514-poll-which-country-keyboards-need-support/ This topic should be able to assist you with language keyboard queries.

Bear in mind this answers I provide may not be 100% accurate, but are merely my best attempt to answer your questions.

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5. How is the support for Spanish keyboards? Official? Is it nice?

There are 2 different spanish layouts. I posted a "third" layout, but only are minor changes to one of them.
Hope this helps you.
And for the firmwares, there are new commands (like REPEAT) and improvements. I flashed my RB on Win and OSX, without issues.
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