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Amazon "Dash" button hack!


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Pretty simple hack to turn the Amazon Dash button into a "anything you program it to do" button. Requires no hardware modifications like that adafruit guide does - its all in sniffing ARP packets (something the hak5 community should be well versed and capable of doing!). Lets hear some ideas of what can be done with this neat lil hack!


Some ideas I've seen thrown around:

Turning on/off to wifi-enabled lightbulbs.

Automatically sending your significant other an "I love you" text.

telot's ideas:

Turn on/off Karma on your wifipineapple

Have your server compile and email you a status report (uptime, current load, etc)


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Replacement doorbell is the first thing that comes to mind here.

Second idea is somewhat similar. When I was growing up we lived in a fairly big (by Dutch standards) house that comprised of the ground floor and 2 floors on top of that. Me and my sisters would typically be in our rooms upstairs when dinner was ready so my parents got a simple metal bell which they would ring when we were to come down or at least when there was something they needed to communicate. You could achieve the same thing with that button.

Another interesting one would be when someone in your home is the type that has trouble getting out of bed in the morning. Place 2 buttons in the room - 1 near the bed the other on the other side of the room. The one near the bed is snooze, the other one is off. Allow only an X number of snoozes. :smile:

You could also have it act like that silly game where you have to repeat the same sequence you heard. So if the alarm was Beep-Beep-pause-Beep you'd have to press the button in that order complete with pause to get it to snooze and/or turn off.

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