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Android Flaw or Plus?


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So, I discovered I could switch my apn on a metropcs phone without having root. This option completely negates the need for any wiFiRouter apps from the older system to insure the use of hotspot to bypass the speed/throttle built in by most cellular carriers. Then today I discovered my phone has a bug, that I cannot repeat purposefully yet, that cuts off all phone/text/mms capabilities when I switch the apn to the added apn I put in the list. This allows the phone to essentially become a dedicated hotspot.

It in turn sparked an idea, that if I could cut off ALL mobile network traffic from within the android system so the processes didn't bog the phone down and cut off the hotspot capabilities that I could essentially turn this phone into a portable/cellular server of sorts.

My question is, does anyone have experience with the ubuntu/linux phone installations after rooting their phone and using a multi-boot setup on their phone? or any phone? I figured that if I cloned my sim and used a similar or exact same device type, that I could carry the phone(s) with me to use the cloned sim as the hotspot/server and the phone itself that I use for voice could be the regular device. Essentially, cutting off the data on the original phone and tricking the carrier into thinking the original phone and the cloned sim were the same. Thus if I were to install the server onto the cloned phone, keeping it in proximity wouldn't set off any MAJOR alarms and also allow me to use constant broadband speed cellular hotspot, or host a cool mobile-phone capable webserver.

Any thoughts on the idea? or what kind of direction I could take the project?

Specs for Rooted phone:

LG Leon Android 5.x

Network is Metropcs (Tmobile) w/LTE...

Also, the other question is, what screencast would be best used on the phone to showcase exactly what I'm talking about so I can better explain what I'm trying to say?

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I had to look up what an APN is and what it's used for. Found this which basically says it's what you should be able to do on your own without root and it's completely legit.

Regarding the hotspot idea, if you turn off mobile network traffic, how do you become a cellular server? What you describe is setting it to airplane mode.

If you want to re-purpose your phone as a cellular server I think you'll find the radio isn't made for that and the chips that allow you to have a conversation aren't tuned for such operation. Read up on Osmocom.

Also note that you are infact allowed to run your own cellular network but you're restricted to specific frequencies and signal strengths. If you abide by those rules, no alarms should go off and if they do you can prove you're playing by the rules (but of course you must first KNOW the rules).

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Well, this idea came about two days ago now, when i used the apn I added. I put the fast.apn.com address my phone uses and didn't add any of the special settings, leaving everything to default. I switch to it when the highspeed hotspot runs out and it will run at, roughly, 4-10mbps up/down. Well, after so long, either the phone needs a reboot due to the bogging of all the mms's not able to come in because i don't have the mms settings on this particular apn that I added. But, for some reason, it didn't bog down. Instead it said the network connection was unavailable and continued use of the data side, and did not allow texts to be sent/received, and phone calls could not be received/sent either.

I found it quite odd. And for some time I've been looking back at the ubuntu/linux style phone opsys and remembering things like torrent-flux, or lamp. realizing they don't need much ram/bandwidth to operate at a semi-decent rate. With 2gb-ram and 1.4-1.8ghz dual/quad-core phone containing anywhere from 8-32gb of internal rom-space would make an optimal micro-server imho.

Thus, the question about forcing the phone to ignore the calls/text/mms traffic without it being in airplane mode.

It's just a thought for now, but if I can find enough research and figure out a suitable multi-boot, I plan on installing cwm or something else than can handle multiple versions of droid/linux on a phone. And thus, the above would be possible.

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