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  1. Oh, and thanks for the osmocom tip. Checking the site out now. Thanks m8.
  2. Well, this idea came about two days ago now, when i used the apn I added. I put the fast.apn.com address my phone uses and didn't add any of the special settings, leaving everything to default. I switch to it when the highspeed hotspot runs out and it will run at, roughly, 4-10mbps up/down. Well, after so long, either the phone needs a reboot due to the bogging of all the mms's not able to come in because i don't have the mms settings on this particular apn that I added. But, for some reason, it didn't bog down. Instead it said the network connection was unavailable and continued use of the data side, and did not allow texts to be sent/received, and phone calls could not be received/sent either. I found it quite odd. And for some time I've been looking back at the ubuntu/linux style phone opsys and remembering things like torrent-flux, or lamp. realizing they don't need much ram/bandwidth to operate at a semi-decent rate. With 2gb-ram and 1.4-1.8ghz dual/quad-core phone containing anywhere from 8-32gb of internal rom-space would make an optimal micro-server imho. Thus, the question about forcing the phone to ignore the calls/text/mms traffic without it being in airplane mode. It's just a thought for now, but if I can find enough research and figure out a suitable multi-boot, I plan on installing cwm or something else than can handle multiple versions of droid/linux on a phone. And thus, the above would be possible.
  3. So, I discovered I could switch my apn on a metropcs phone without having root. This option completely negates the need for any wiFiRouter apps from the older system to insure the use of hotspot to bypass the speed/throttle built in by most cellular carriers. Then today I discovered my phone has a bug, that I cannot repeat purposefully yet, that cuts off all phone/text/mms capabilities when I switch the apn to the added apn I put in the list. This allows the phone to essentially become a dedicated hotspot. It in turn sparked an idea, that if I could cut off ALL mobile network traffic from within the android system so the processes didn't bog the phone down and cut off the hotspot capabilities that I could essentially turn this phone into a portable/cellular server of sorts. My question is, does anyone have experience with the ubuntu/linux phone installations after rooting their phone and using a multi-boot setup on their phone? or any phone? I figured that if I cloned my sim and used a similar or exact same device type, that I could carry the phone(s) with me to use the cloned sim as the hotspot/server and the phone itself that I use for voice could be the regular device. Essentially, cutting off the data on the original phone and tricking the carrier into thinking the original phone and the cloned sim were the same. Thus if I were to install the server onto the cloned phone, keeping it in proximity wouldn't set off any MAJOR alarms and also allow me to use constant broadband speed cellular hotspot, or host a cool mobile-phone capable webserver. Any thoughts on the idea? or what kind of direction I could take the project? Specs for Rooted phone: LG Leon Android 5.x Network is Metropcs (Tmobile) w/LTE... Also, the other question is, what screencast would be best used on the phone to showcase exactly what I'm talking about so I can better explain what I'm trying to say?
  4. I was thinking back to the hacked drone episode where Darren forced snubs drone to the ground by using a dDos on the signal. So, last night that had me thinking about the other episodes that display the carrying of cellphones to record video and take aerial pictures.. Is there an Android-Ap or Cellular-Ap for controlling the droid through tethering the phone directly into the drone so that you can actually view the cellphone's camera while flying from inside your house while using the data plan and internal gps of the phone and camera? I figured since they have blu-tooth controls for these drones, tethering might be the next step and wouldn't take much hardware modification to do so. Any ideas or thoughts?
  5. So, I was looking at the Ducky part of the site. I realized that when they talked about HID being the human interface that this product is similar to an old "parental" spy device I found back in the 80's & 90's. Before the USB Keyboard. There used to ba an extender that would open a program on your desktop,usually notepad.exe, whenever you used the predetermined key-combination from the vendor. It would then display all keypresses that it could hold in it's memory, of which, at that time, about 5 megs or so. The device was a ps2 device that plugged into the end of the keyboard and looked like an extender of the keyboard plugin. Which is relative in explanation/comparison to the electrical cord plugin extender. You know. The kind that were usually use when you only had a 3 prong cord and needed an adapter that turned it into a 2 prong cord because the outlet didn't have a ground input? Anyhow. My question is, in part, is it possible the ducky came from this? or the idea might have been born from this? and if not, does anyone out there have the old extender/keylogger? or has had one?
  6. I am looking for material that might better explain the basic functionality of Anti-Virus programs such as the old mcafee and other programs such as security suites that are specifically produced by that system's managers? Maybe even to give a low-level user the introductory things such as how or what security suites look for when they scan a file, how the files are scanned etc? I mean, I have allot of questions on the subject, but they are all arbitrary and motivated for other reasons. I was wanting to find out the right direction in learning about this without it being through il-motivation.. I am, in a way, seeking a way to improve the security of a certain program through the creation of my own add-on(s)...
  7. Yeah, I could, but then it wouldn't be fun to try and reverse the engineering for other than intended purposes; would it? lol
  8. Darn. This really seemed like it would be interesting to try and alter the droid system and maybe reverse the use of the hardware.
  9. Just a small idea, but is it possible to get a kindle-2 (the inkreader with wifi only) to tether into a linux machine or windows machine and use IT(The kindle-2) as the actual plug-n-play wi-fi device? By this I mean I want to use it and it's hardware to pick-up wifi signal and connect to wifi points after I plug it into my desktop. Basically turning it into a plug-n-play usb wifi dongle..
  10. I want to thank you all for your input. I used the exfelon website and found that Apple might be able to employ me. And, considering it is probably the only store job where I can share my "legal enthusiastic knowledge" of products and their abilities with new and old customers, I would be happy to work there. At least then I could get my foot in the door of a company that isn't microsoft based. Anyhow, once again, I want to thank those who gave input. And as for Cooper, your evaluation and response is spot on from what I've been told in-person by other IT Specialists in my area at college as well as some of my professors. In fact, I would probably benefit from just learning enough to teach the tech, and keep my foot in the door at the local junior/community college so I can gain employment and teach the next few generations basic technology. It would not pay as much as I would like, but lets face it: We shouldn't expect a million dollar yearly salary anyways. If we do, we will only be saddened when we get to our little cubicle of our "dream job" and probably be sick of it before the first paycheck.
  11. I am looking forward to joining my chosen profession in this electronic age. Unfortunately I am not sure where I should stop with my math education and which certs would be a good choice to obtain. I want to work in Information Security: Linux Systems are my preferred side of the digital divide. I also wanted to know where if any place in the U.S. would hire someone, regardless of their past? As, unfortunately mine isn't as clean as most, but my skillset grows as I prepare for a future in IT. Any suggestions on college courses from the KCTCS? That is, if anyone is familiar with that college. Or, is there any other specialized local or titled college one might suggest, aside from the MIT and IT specific schools? Something such as EdX and other Linux guided online and on-site course work that might be acredited nationwide, or internationally?
  12. Ok, I've got an issue where a distro of ubuntu version 9.x something was upgraded and the system became broken to the point of not being able to login. I wanted to know, if there is a way to use a windows program to decrypt the home folder so that it's contents can be exported to another drive(external backup) in order for the system to be reinstalled without loss of data. Or is there a way to live boot the system and then decrypt and export the drive's data ( the home folder) or a way to permanantly decrypt the home folder so that I can use paragon extfs to access the drive and then export the data through windows. I hate to use windows, but unfortunately it is a dual installed laptop that was set up for a family member and now I am responsible for repairing this as they have no linux experience and I have barely novice experience at best. I set the system up because my family member enjoyed the use of linux and despises microsoft. So are there any suggestions ? ( other than reformatting and only installing linux which is what is happening after I back this data up for the person) Another thing I would like to ask... Since this person can access the web and is directly connected to the internet.... If i told him how to login and the system has fully booted without the x server ... then is it possible that I could remotely login to the machine for him and export the data via the cli ? and what programs would he have to sudo apt-get install in order for me to do that ? I've never been in this particular situation so I realize this is a bit vampy of me and I've been searching for information on this but have come up with introductory tutorials at best thus far. Thank you in advance to anyone with some suggestion or manual pages for me to read...
  13. Yes... The guy goes to school with me and he is part of a company will be providing security guard detail for fortune 500 clients or better once we get the building up and running.
  14. Yes, they are going to let me work for them and go to school. This was my stipulation when talking to the gentleman to begin with.
  15. I am trying to set a 3gb partition and a 20gb partition both in ntfs format. Everytime I put two partitions on the drive, windows will only show one partition. The reason for doing this is my multi-pass boot-disc will not work on a drive over 8 gigabytes when I use an iso imager such as Ultra Iso or Pendrive unless the iso is larger than 4gb and I am working with an iso that is less than 700mb. Is there any way I can make windows recognize both partitions on this usb drive ? If not, is there a way for me to take my Hiren Boot CD and use Pendrive Linux or Ultra ISO and force the image write to that 23gb drive ? One other question: When I used Ultra ISO, it kept telling me my usb device was busy and ask me to unplug and reconnect my usb device in order to complete the iso write to disk process. Then it would completely fail. Is there a work around for this ? And why does it only do this to certain iso files of a certain size and usb drives of a certain size ? ( I have tried using fat-16-32 and NTFS file system format to complete this process and no luck)
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