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Why not unique MAC per Beacon with Dogma?


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I see you can generate new MAC addresses for the wlan interfaces.

Is it possible to generate a new MAC per beacon that is sent out with Dogma and Beacon response?

I say this because when my control AP is up, Dogma uses the same MAC to send Beacon responses over and over and eventually any device see's all these networks using the same MAC and says "This is silly I'm deeming them sus" and with Windows Phone in particular the Dogma responses are just discarded and they donh't show in the list and eventually it discards my control AP as well because it shares the same MAC.

If you want the device to be fooled and connect....sending 20 BSSIDs all with the same MAC is the most surefire way for the device to not connect.........it's just obviously and blatantly sus.

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Hi Noxious,

You aren't being ignored, just overlooked. There are a lot of posts on these forums a day and sadly I don't get to see them all.

In regards to your original post, I agree that Dogma is obvious. Dogma is a beacon spammer and often too noisy. No one is forcing you to enable it, yet some devices are highly susceptible to this part of PineAP.

I actually had a great experience for the last Pentest With Hak5 - iOS9 was just released and an iPhone 6+ with iOS9 was caught on a WiFI Pineapple in a matter of seconds.

But you are right, there are some very identifying factors about a WiFi Pineapple. It's a cat and mouse game and we have plenty of ways to improve on current features of PineAP.

MAC randomization is something we could add as an option soon, while others we would rather wait with.

Best Regards,


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