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  1. No it's because all the SSIDs are flooded with the same MAC and any dev with half a brain knows if you have lots of WiFi with same MAC address it is super sus and so the OS will hide them from you and not connect. Also Apple now has a passive mode where they respond with a unique MAC address every time the Wifi is disconnected which makes target ID and tracking useless unless they actually connect to you.....so they beam a fake MAC until they connect and obnly then do you get the real MAC address. The Pineapple is an overhyped piece of junk now there are things like HSTS and switched on developers that record the AP MAC along with the SSID so they only respond to beacons with the legit MAC address......these guys have no idea.
  2. Orrr you know.....ignore me......your product is cr@p.
  3. So if it's default as is out of the box, does that mean you are running an older firmware? Or did you buy it within the last 6 - 7 days? Because firmware 2.4 came out like 6 days ago or something?
  4. Hi Foxtrot, So I can replicate and test this myself, What settings were you using for PineAP? Did you have Dogma enabled etc.? What iOS was the iPod running? What OS was the laptop running? What version of Android was the Xperia running? Thanks.
  5. Maybe I am, except I got the iPad iOS7 to connect. Also I don't really know how you can get it wrong given you just enable a few checkboxes. However I did try various combinations with/without dogma or beacon response and just MKV Karma no PineAP etc. A variety of different ways all not working. Maybe they should say what devices it does work on.....I'd assume they have test devices. If they are only testing iPhones for example then they should say that.​ Also I did research how it works, watched that 60 minute video where they talk about how good PineAP is and they have 9000 SSIDs at once or something. I also used SSH to directly use aireplay-ng to do deauth etc, found it more effective. Pretty certain I'm not doing it wrong.​
  6. I haven't used Android 5.1 with it that was someone else who said it wasn't working with it. I tried with an old Cyanogenmod version of Android 4.2 and it did not work. I also tried with a Windows 10 PC, two Windows Phone 8.1 devices, an iPhone 5S with the latest iOS (Not Beta) and NONE of them connected! How about perhaps you tell me what devices it does work with because so far the only thing I've seen it work with in a high traffic environment was an iPad with iOS 7.
  7. I see you can generate new MAC addresses for the wlan interfaces. Is it possible to generate a new MAC per beacon that is sent out with Dogma and Beacon response? I say this because when my control AP is up, Dogma uses the same MAC to send Beacon responses over and over and eventually any device see's all these networks using the same MAC and says "This is silly I'm deeming them sus" and with Windows Phone in particular the Dogma responses are just discarded and they donh't show in the list and eventually it discards my control AP as well because it shares the same MAC. If you want the device to be fooled and connect....sending 20 BSSIDs all with the same MAC is the most surefire way for the device to not connect.........it's just obviously and blatantly sus.
  8. Hello, Previously I posted that PineAP is useless. Why did you lock my topic? Are you that desperate to sell your product that if someone says something negative about it you try stop people from contributing by locking the topic? In response to you saying that the WiFi Pineapple can be used for so many other things....not really. If PineAP fails to get people to connect to you what else can you really do besides flood networks with deauth packets (Already Python scrypts about to do this) and use it as a really slow relay/wifi extender. That's about it really. Enlighten me to all these fantastic things you can do with the Wifi Pineapple when you have no people connected to you....... And stop locking my threads because you don't like what you are reading...this isn't the 5th grade.
  9. Also I can now see the Android device probing: Aug 6 17:44:20 Probe Request from 74:2f:68:xx:xx:xx for SSID 'free wifi' H​​owever it never tries to associate to the AP. It does not appear to be fooled by PineAP and I can confirm that Dogma is broadcasting "free wifi" beacons to everyone and my computer can see it. No beacons broadcast by dodma are seen by Windows phone, I can however see the free wifi open access point that I have set and I can connect and leave an association in the device yet it does not probe for open wifi on windows phone and even when dogma broadcasts the SSID when explicitly given the windows phone not connect.
  10. Hi, I have PineAP turned on along with MKV 5 Karma mode. I am seeing a few probe requests but interestingly it seems like Windows Phone will only probe for secure networks. I also tried with an Android tablet Asus TF-201 running Cyanogenmod of an old 4.2 version of android and it fails to fall for the PineAP as well making it basically useless for anything that isn't an apple product 'i' Device. I even deliberately connected my windows phones and the Android tablet to the open AP that the pineapple broadcasts that I named "free wifi". This ensures there is an association to an open wifi in the PNL list of each device. The "magic" deauth that you can do in Recon mode by clicking on clients or APs is really really flaky at best......it hardly ever works. So anyway, I do a proper deauth using the deauth infusion, I blacklist my target APs and I whitelist my wlan0 interface and I can see that in fact it actually is performing deauth and my devices drop off the AP........however they never connect to the "free wifi" AP that my pineapple is broadcasting. In fact it seems that by default on the Android tablet it just pops up and says wifi networks are available but will not automatically connect and the windows phones are even less they don't even show any of the beacons sent by Dogma in the wifi networks list at all so yea PineAP sucks. I manually added the local airport's wifi SSID into Dogma and it is broadcasting to all devices ff:ff blah blah and I see it on my computer, yet I have only managed to snare 2 iPads by doing so. Also it seems iDevices are no longer sending out probe requests so realistically how do you intend to get the SSIDs of open wifis when devices are no longer probing for them? The wifi pineapple is now useless :(
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