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Forum Category Suggestion: smartphones / mobile devices.  

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I would say that, as with all things here, start topics on the subject and see what the interaction is like. If it's only you and maybe one or two other people talking about something, why have a category on them?

Having a separate category should be for organization-purposes only, to make it easier for you to separate out the stuff you want/need to see vs the stuff you don't. This is all about volume and unless this volume appears it makes no sense to do this.

See the various discussions here on creating a drones category. There are a couple of people here that are quite fanatic about it, but the actual discussions on the topic here are minimal. So why create a category for them?

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I was having a think and was wondering if anyone else would be interested in having a exploit or malware section on the forum.

I understand that there may be some legality issues for the Hak5 team but it is in the area of our interests and I understand that there possible will be some blackhat topics but I'm sure here at Hak5 it will mainly be white hat stuff.

The reason why I ask is a friend of mine gets paid to basicly go through software and fine exploits/issues and he is also a Hak5 fan and last weekend the question that I'm asking everyone now came up so hence the reason for my post lol

I understand that there may be some issues with this but again if you don't ask you don't get ;)

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