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You would want a Male SMA to connect to the Pineapple Mark V. And then if you wanted to connect it to antennas that fit the Mark V directly, Female SMA.

If you want to connect antennas that fit an Alfa or most other wireless cards, it would be RP-SMA Female on the antenna connecting end. So a Male SMA to RP-SMA.

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If the threads are on the outside of the connector, it's male, if the threads are on the inside of the connector, it's female. The polarity has to do with the center conductor of the connector. SMA has the pin on the female side, like the pineapple. RP-SMA has it on the male side, like every consumer wifi product you can buy.

The more you know....

Crap, have the threads backwards... Male is threads on the inside, female is threads on the outside.

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Figure 1. Standard male SMA connector: male body (inside threads) with male inner pin.

Figure 2. Female RP-SMA connector: Female connector body (outside threads) with a male inner pin contact. A male RP-SMA connector is the opposite in both respects — male connector body (inside threads) with a female inner sleeve contact.

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