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SMA and LMR cable: Are they compatible? What should I use for wifi?


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I'm looking for a wifi antenna cable but I'm not sure what type of cable I should purchase. Are SMA and LMR compatible? Are there adapters? What are the parts called that I'm looking for? It's the kind of cable you connect a wireless device to one end and an antenna on the other.

I want to run an antenna up a tree in the back 40 and maybe some other stuff.

Are wifi cable and TV cable essentially the same except for the connector sizes? The pictures all look the same on Google. Anyway what parts do I need? LMR-200? is that what I'm looking for?

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SMA is the connector. LMR is the cable quality if you will. What frequency communications it's rated for, what impedance, all that good stuff. Wikipedia

For the most part any LMR will do but the longer the run of cable you need, the more it pays to go with a high number LMR cable because the loss will be acceptable.

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