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php, read mysql query => $string


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So, im working on a database driven webpage... a pretty basic setup, search bar with pagination style results... i understand the concept of pagination, but php is kinda goofy at times...

im struggling with pulling "SELECT COUNT(Name) FROM places" from the database with php as a value i can perform some math... how can i pull this from the database as a direct string????

$pagination = ($db -> select("SELECT COUNT(Name) FROM `places`"));
echo serialize($pagination);
155 is the data i need...

here is how i have decided to use the database... http://www.binpress.com/tutorial/using-php-with-mysql-the-right-way/17

example from the site below...

$db = new Db();
$rows = $db -> select("SELECT `name`,`email` FROM `users` WHERE id=5");
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Wouldn't your query produce 1 row with 1 column where "COUNT(Name)" is the column name and "155" is the value?

If, per the example, $rows is what's produced, wouldn't $rows[0] (or some such) contain the value of the first column?

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