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non alphanumeric ssid's in client mode (wlan1)


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Got a issue connecting to my wlan at home because it has non alphanumeric in it! It's ' look (. ) ( .) ' so when it shows up in the dropdown list it's gets garbled and \x20 get's added to the name so it looks like ' look (. ) ( .)\x20 ' !

i recon it has something to do with client_mode.php and that it don't phrases non alphanumeric characters like it should.

well it all ends with that i can't connect to my ' look (. ) ( .) ' wifi !

how do i file a bug report ?


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So it looks like there is an issue if there is a space character at the end of the SSID. This makes sense, as we are using iw to scan the networks around us. To be able to better look at the output of iw, the developers decided to show a space (at the end) as \x20. I'll make sure this is fixed.

In regards to the \x\x\x\x\x being displayed instead of Hidden SSID, that is simply an oversight. SSIDs can be hidden in two ways - sending a zero length SSID (shown by a single \x in IW) or the correct length SSID (shown by the correct amount of \x). Effectively null chars. Currently we check for \x, but we now need to expand this to make sure we catch all hidden SSIDs.

In the end, it comes down to parsing out and converting all special characters IW is outputting. Thanks for the information guys!

Best Regards,


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