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Cheapest place for PCBs?


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Hey guys, I'm looking to get some PCBs made for a project I'm working on. Currently in the prototyping stage and I'm looking to get between 5 and 20 boards made. Got the board layout done with Eagle, and now I'm looking for someone to make them.

I'm trying to spend $50 or less and the board is about 50mm X 25mm, only two holes to be drilled.

Any ideas?

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Thanks for the replies guys, probably gonna go with either OSH Park since they seem fairly cheap and somewhat quick (at least for prototypes).

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I recall Iron Geek doing custom shaped PCB boards for a Derbycon project. I don't know if we ever ordered them, but at one time we were looking to get them made with some conference related artwork on them and I think they made them to order in the shape you wanted based on the artwork you sent them. If i can find the link I'll post it, but this is going back to like 2010/11 time period.

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