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No payload I do works?

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So im not completely ignorant when it comes to this new Ducky i got. But for some reason, even though the code executes perfectly (slowed it down to make sure it clicks all the right places etc.) the payload never does what it said would happen at the end. For instnace, a simple test i did to copy a wireless profile, save it to an .xml and save that to the desktop of the user(couldnt think of an easier place to do so to test) and thats it. Ran through all the code what i thought was flawless but still, nothing. Ive tried 15+ different payloads people have put out and not a single one worked like it said for the end result.

Im using the encoder on the ducky toolkit, can that be the problem? should i be using a downloadable one? i tried to download the java file but after trying to open it, nothing happens.

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Hmm. I suggest formatting the SD card for the ducky, then I suggest using the online duck toolkit.


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try this


Once you've got your payload in a text file, you need to use the Duck Encoder to encode it. Then you have to place the inject.bin file (the encoded file) on the root of the Duck's Micro SD card. You can encode the file directly on your computer using the encoder.jar located here: https://github.com/midnitesnake/USB-Rubber-Ducky , or you use the online encoder: http://www.ducktoolkit.com/Encoder.jsp

I hope this helps !

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