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BeEF question!


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I'm just thinking, and i wonder if anyone has ever done this, but would it be possible to inject every client that connects to the Pineapple with a javascript thats linked to your BeEF server? Would that not be the coolest thing ever?

Let me hear what you know! :)

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Well, I don't know BeEF, but couldn't you simply have some javascript spat out by your pineapple's captive portal? There has to be a gazillion tuts for that.

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Beef would be more useful for on the fly injection to something you want to change the flow of things for to fuzz or test against, if you know ahead of time, what it is you want to change, ie: database information or login fields that only accept certain input or remove certain characters within a web page but not on the backend. That being said, if all you want is persistent XSS, sure you could make an infusion to insert whatever you want in every page.

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