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gpuhash.me review


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£40/$60 to crack a WPA key, you must be desparate to get it! I don't know the operators of that site but it isn't one that I would trust client confidential info to from what I can see of it.

They do however say:

"Lowest priority wait time: 05 day(s) 07 hour(s)"

Which priority did you put it in?

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Personally i'd possibly recommend https://www.cloudcracker.com/ their site looks more trust able when it comes to cracking WPA/WPA2 in the past when i'd see networks that only have WPA/WPA2 i sometimes would get the 4 way handshake and save it but i normally don't waste my time with them types of network security its honestly a complete shot in the dark at getting the password but recommend giving a number wordlist a try if the site offers you to pick a wordlst and a number list attack most ISP techs have been using the customers billing phone number as the wireless password unless the customer changes it. They might use a default or generated password but depending on the customer it will possibly be a 60% chance its the billing phone number on most home routers setup by the ISP networks like Centurylink or HOME-XXXX for the ssid name i'd bet most of the time its the customers billing phone number which is really troubling because if you crack the password you now have their phone number so you can technically preform other attacks against them

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Hmm, this topic reeks of targeted advertising spam....

Yeah i guess you could be right but im only giving my recommendations i make no sales or commission promoting that site i was offering him another website to try their is a free website he can try as well im not one to make people google because i enjoy trying to help people up to the moderators and admins of this forum to decide if they wanna remove url's posted.

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I submit several WPA2 hashes to GPUHash.me last night.  This morning it reported having cracked about 75% of the hashes I submitted.  I found that to be pretty far fetched but figured I'd try out ordering 1 just to be sure.  According to the site, once they successfully crack the hash, they will show you the results after you pay 0.005 BTC.  So I sent 0.005 BTC this morning.  Almost immediately the page on GPUHash.me reported seeing the transaction and waiting for it to be confirmed.  I went to work, and came home (several hours later) and when I check the transaction, the BTC has been received and withdrawn from the wallet that I sent it to but the page on GPUHash.me still reports waiting for the transaction to be confirmed.

Blatant rip off.

I sent them a message asking wtf.. so will follow up if they bother to respond.



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