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  1. I submit several WPA2 hashes to GPUHash.me last night. This morning it reported having cracked about 75% of the hashes I submitted. I found that to be pretty far fetched but figured I'd try out ordering 1 just to be sure. According to the site, once they successfully crack the hash, they will show you the results after you pay 0.005 BTC. So I sent 0.005 BTC this morning. Almost immediately the page on GPUHash.me reported seeing the transaction and waiting for it to be confirmed. I went to work, and came home (several hours later) and when I check the transaction, the BTC has been received and withdrawn from the wallet that I sent it to but the page on GPUHash.me still reports waiting for the transaction to be confirmed. Blatant rip off. I sent them a message asking wtf.. so will follow up if they bother to respond.
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