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Is 5Gh possible on the Mk5?

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I'm not really familiar with how the different WiFi technologies work. (a,b,n,g.c...)

Would it be possible to get the pineapple to work with 5Gh networks? I realize you probably can't just switch out antennas or something, but I think it's worth asking.

If there is nothing I can do to the existing equipment, if I were to attach a card via USB that supports it, would it work? If so, would the infusions work with it, or just stuff through SSH?


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Does anyone have a recommendation as to what hardware (5Gh/WiFi AC) cards work with the Mark 5? I was playing around the other day and was unable to "PineApple" my devices.....I realized they were connected to my new router as 5Gh devices and I was unable to see them via PineAP.

Thanks in advance...

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I really like to know this as well. I have been googling and looking up different 5ghz adapters but what from what I have gathered 5ghz is quite flaky on OpenWRT. I don't really care about AC I just want 5Ghz, if anyone has managed to get one to work with the MkV please let me know. Thanks.

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