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  1. Is there any way to configure the Mark V to boot with the WiFi radios turned off? I can turn them off but it doesn't seem to remember that when it gets reset, it always comes back on with the open AP enabled. I tried setting a dip switch with the commands ifconfig wlan0 down; ifconfig wlan1 down and that shuts them off but they are still on for a few seconds during boot. That is enough time for a decent WIDS/WIPS to detect that there is a rogue AP in the area. Is there a config file somewhere I can edit that will keep the WiFi radios quiet when it boots up?
  2. I really like to know this as well. I have been googling and looking up different 5ghz adapters but what from what I have gathered 5ghz is quite flaky on OpenWRT. I don't really care about AC I just want 5Ghz, if anyone has managed to get one to work with the MkV please let me know. Thanks.
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