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Batch file programing Free-Ebook


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8) just wanted to share this with my hak5 friends... hope u all enjoy this free ebook (check the 1st page of it) It has tons of nice tips and lots of things you may have forgotten


Whats the use of "&&" ?

What the difference between ">" and ">>" ? :twisted:

Hehehe... idk if its just me and not using them daily but i totally forgot about those 2 little devils. So enjoy this my friends and have fun =)

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Whats the use of "&&" ?

Don't you mean "&"? "&&" has the same effect as "&", of which the effect is to execute two command one after another.

What the difference between ">" and ">>" ?

> will over write the contents of a file with the output of a command, >> appends to the end of a file with the out put of a command..

and wouldn't it help to actually give us a link to this 'eBook? :P

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