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Ok so I have a SanDisk Cruiser mini the older style that was out before U3. I would like to know if there is any way that I could dump edit the RMB on the firmware and reflash the drive? I have a computer with linux on it and I have heard of people doing this but how do I do it? Please don''t flame me for this but I knew that if anyone would know it it would be you guys.

Thank You

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as of my knowledge I don't think this is possible I also have a San Disk Mini and there are a few of us trying to accomplish this task in the Dev5 side you can join Dev5 and check out what we currently have. We are at a bit of a stand still currently.

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Yeah we have kinda hit a brick wall and are looking for all the help you can give. I think possibly if someone knows how to decompile software maybe we could decompile the San Disk installer and take out the checks for San Disk devices and just have it install onto any thumb drive its just a guess. :)

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