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I don't think you can force the download per se, but what you can do is not provide any internet until the person installs the app.

Bonus points for actually providing internet after all when the app does get installed, but that's of course entirely optional.

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Hmm. I would say no. You can't "force" them to click a link, although you can redirect them right to a file, it may prompt them and ask them to download, but if they cancel it, you are out of luck. Also, you would need to know specifically if the user is on an Android device, which isn't hard to do, but your results will vary since you can spoof a User-Agent to any browser.

The other thing to consider is, most android devices, unless they have debugging on and enable third party sources, will block apps from websites in most cases, and only accept them from the app store. Even then, if it was in the app store, you're probably only going to be able to redirect them to the app page, not the file unless hosted yourself, for which Android should block the download by default.

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