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What's the usage for the Large antenna and the USB wifi adapter you get with ultra`?


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How is the USB adapter put to use?

I am trying to deauth some network with wlan2(the usb wifi adapter) that is inserted in the pineapple. I added my networks to whitelist and the ones I want to deauth to blacklist but it just rebooted.

And before that It bricked when just inserting it. So what's the usage for the small USB wifi adapter and what can I use the large antenna for that I got with the Ultra bundle?

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Not sure if you are plugging it in while the Pineapple is turned on but fugu is right. I've done that before with my Panda wireless adapter and it causes the Pineapple to reboot. If I have it plugged in before I turn the Pineapple on everything is fine.

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you could also try lowering the transmission power. I can't remember exactly how its done, maybe someone else can help correct me if I'm wrong

ifconfig wlan2 down

iwconfig wlan2 txpower 4dbm

ifconfig wlan2 up

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