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Two Pineapples Setup


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Yes, you just need to put the ethernet interfaces on the same subnet (static). Then enable ipv4 forwarding on Pineapple B. There are other ways to do this, I figured this would point you in the right direction.

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Got my second Pineapple yesterday and I haven't really had much success with this. Any advice?

So far I've changed the IP of the second Pineapple to, connected it to the internet using wlan1, then connected it to my laptop using Ethernet. I then tested it by browsing websites on my laptop (which isn't connected to any network except the Pineapple) and it seems to work fine. So now when I connect it to the other Pineapple running PineAP, the clients connected to PineAP still can't get internet.

Do i need to run the wp5 script on the second Pineapple or something? I'm guessing I need to change the "Wired Internet Settings" to "Client Mode". Not sure if I need to use static or DHCP?

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