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How to make a USB Rubber Ducky using a normal USB Stick

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First i want to say that i don't want to be competitive against the Hakshop

and if you can u should buy a real USB Rubber Ducky from them, cause it's really made simple and the chip they use is much faster in executing or typing the payloads

But did you ever wanted to make your own USB Rubber Ducky?

Well now you can using a regular USB stick, i must start with mentioning that it can not be done with all the USB sticks you will need one with a specific Nand chipset on it.

More specific the Phison 2251-03 (2303)

So now you are probably wondering where do i get that specific usb stick then, well you may have one laying around!

You can check it using GetFlashInfo

You can download it from this LINK

On github there is also a list with all know compatible devices, but most off them are not for sale anymore.

So what do i do then ?

Well come and visit my website and find the guide on how to make your own USB Rubber Ducky using a normal USB Stick or buy a clean USB stick with the Phison 2251-03 chip on it

It's all explained with screenshots and text

I tried to post the whole guide and screenshots here cause i want to help this community out, but it wont let me cause it uses to much pictures.

So find the guide here


Hope you all like this and please let me know what u think about it.


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I had some questions on my website on how to flash another script to the USB Stick after u did one, well u need to always flash it back to stock firmware first before u can flash another ducky script onto the stick, so i made a guide now on how to recover the Stick back to a regular USB Stick.

u can find it here


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